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Primer to Legislative Research

Several colleagues and I contributed to this article, A Primer to Legislative Research , published in the VALL Review. Other sites with helpful tips include:

Legislation research can be challenging if you don’t know the secrets. My colleagues and I are quite happy to share these with you.


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Ontario Labour Relations Resources

From CALL/ACBD Monthly Newsletter (July 2016):

The Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library would like to draw your attention to a great  new website for locating Ontario labour agreements.

Finding a copy of a collective agreement in Ontario is now easier than ever before! All collective agreements in Ontario are now available online through the Ministry of Labour’s Collective Agreements e-Library Portal. They are searchable by full text and also categorized by industry type. Collective agreements are available as downloadable pdf documents. A full list of all employer and union relationships in the province is also available through the Portal. For further questions, contact Collective Bargaining Information Services cbis@ontario.ca.

Here are some other frequently difficult to find labour resources:

Ontario Union Bargaining Certificates use the OLRB certificates database, a collection of certificates from 2007 to date. For older certificates from 1962 contact the Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library 416-314-3700 or owtl@wst.gov.on.ca. They will email .pdf copies free of charge.

Ontario Labour Arbitration Decisions for unreported decisions contact the Ministry of Labour Arbitration Services at 416- 326-1300 or mol.arbitrationservices@ontario.ca

Ontario Education Relations Commission Decisions (ERC) contact Ministry of Labour, Collective Bargaining Information Services at 416-326-1260 or cbis@ontario.ca.

Other resources on Ontario Labour Relations:

H/t Martha Foote, Library Manager, Ontario Workplace Tribunals Library

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Ontario Education Relations Commission

How to find decisions from this Commission:

The ERC decisions are kept at Ministry of Labour, Collective Bargaining Information Services at cbis@ontario.ca or phone (416) 326-1260.

Just send them a list of what you are looking for – they may charge a nominal fee for sending. https://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/lr/services/

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Federal Regulations Research

From Susannah Tredwell at Slaw Tips:

“Read the Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement”

Since 1986 almost all federal Canadian regulations have included a Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement (RIAS) following the text of the regulation.

… A RIAS is usually divided into five sections: issue and objectives; description and rationale; consultation; implementation, enforcement, and service standards; and contact information.

… they are written for a range of readers. …As a result, the instructions for writing a RIAS emphasize the use of clear language, stating that it should “be understandable to anyone who may wish to read it.”

Historical legislation research can be difficult, but at least the federal government is trying to make it a little easier with tools like the RIAS.

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Law Librarian Guides

The Private Law Librarians and Information Professionals Special Interest Group (whew! that’s a mouthful!) of the American Association of Law Libraries has published guides for law librarians, including the two most recent, Strategic Planning for Law Firm Libraries and Law Firm Library Intranets.

These resource guides were created by committees of experienced and dedicated legal information professionals, and were officially released at the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL) Conference in July 2011. The resource guides are now being used by thousands of law firm management personnel, law librarians, legal researchers, knowledge managers, and records managers across the United States as best practice resources about theories, principles and techniques of various aspects of law library management or legal information setting management in the 21 Century.

I will be checking these out more thoroughly in the next few weeks. Hat tip to On Firmer Ground and Dewey B Strategic for pointing them out.

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Western Canada Business Litigation Blog

Another new (to me) blog, this time from Lawson Lundell LLP in Vancouver.

Western Canada Business Litigation Blog: About:

This blog is authored by members of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Department. We follow new and interesting issues emerging in the legal and business communities. The wide range of experience among the members of our litigation group will provide a diverse and insightful examination of current legal trends and topics. Our goal is to provide a source of valuable information and insight on a wide variety of matters for our readers.

Recent posts covered drafting an enforceable restrictive covenant, comment on the SCC decision Carey v. Laiken (clarification of the mental element necessary for contempt), and a discussion of violence in recreational sport.

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Ontario CA Summaries

I found a new (to me) site for Ontario Court of Appeal Summaries – Blaneys Ontario Court of Appeal Summaries. Each week a new post is authored by John Polyzogopoulos of Blaneys McMurtry LLP, summarizing the latest ONCA decisions. They are tagged with keywords – a librarian’s delight! – and include all the details like judges and counsel. I review them weekly for cases of interest to my firm.